The Titanium Economy
Often misunderstood and underestimated, these flourishing industrial companies are driving America’s economy forward with innovative tech and top-of-the-line machinery.

What is the Titanium Economy?

These booming industrial companies deliver world-class products and impressive financial returns, yet are often undervalued and underappreciated.


They might not have the most glamorous names on their doors, but these powerful industrial companies consistently outclass other sectors.  Despite this, they are extremely undervalued.

Economy Drivers

These companies mean business - to the tune of $400 billion dollars contributed to the U.S. GDP a year. This strengthens the economy long term and inspires a new era of manufacturing.

Job Growers

With such incredible success, the Titanium Economy provides over 5 million jobs to American workers. All with salaries much higher than similar industries.

Where the Titanium Economy Thrives

Unlike most big names in business, these flourishing industrial companies are located all across America.

American Crane

Douglassville, PA


Marietta, GA

Brady Corp

Millwaukee, WI

Bulk Handling Systems

Eugene, OR


Raleigh, NC

Casella Waste Systems

Rutland, VT

Cavotec SA

Mooresville, NC

Clean Harbor

Norwell, MA


Woburn, MA

CSW Industrials

Dallas, TX

Deere & Company

Moline, IL

Dot Foods

Mount Sterling, IL

Enphase Energy

Freemont, CA


Minneapolis, MN


Hollywood, FL


Batesville, IN

IDEAL Industries

Sycamore, IL

John Bean Technologies (JBT)

Chicago, IL


Elgin, IL


Incline Village, NV

Powell Industries

Houston, TX


Chelmsford, MA

Scott Equipment Company

Huntersville, NC

Sealed Air

Charlotte, NC


Austin, TX


Winchester, VA

Watts Water Technologies

North Andover, MA


New Port Richey, FL

The Titanium Playbook

Top-performing companies improved their performance by leveraging the same three-step approach.

Core Transformation

Drive core transformation, leveraging tech and data, to achieve margin expansion and growth in an accelerated fashion.


Quality & Investor Perceptions

Focus on portfolio shifts and changes to business models, including recurring revenues and services.



Leverage M&A to achieve leading position in a microvertical and build a platform for future expansion.

Continuing Conversations

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface on the power of the industrial sector with our first book, The Titanium Economy. As we continue this effort, we’re having in-depth conversations with the leaders behind these powerhouse companies to discover how they’ve cultivated such success.

How Employee Empowerment Drives Success

Host Gaurav Batra, President & CEO of Ayna.AI, welcomes Stephen Smith, Chairman, President & CEO of Amsted Industries, a global manufacturer of industrial components to discuss his experience in talent acquisition and retention in the  industrial manufacturing space.

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The ”IDEAL” Way for a Family-Owned Business

Meghan Juday, chairman of the board at Ideal Industries, a family-owned multinational corporation engaged in diversified industries, describes her firsthand experience of managing a successful family-run business.

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Generative AI In Industrials

Nick Santhanam discusses the profound transformations that new technologies have brought to industrials and the opportunities and risks for AI in the industrial and industrial technology sector.

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About the Book

Asutosh Padhi, Gaurav Batra, and Nick Santhanam reveal this under-appreciated and under-valued sector of the economy for what it really is: a reliable source of high-paying, domestic jobs and soaring stock prices—a bright spot in an economy that has too often been buffeted by external shocks.

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